Enterline Woodworks is currently closed for business

My home shop is not an 'approved home occupation' per zoning regulations. Sadly, I have to close until I find a new studio.

About Me

Trained Woodworker

I've been a woodworker most of my life - professionally for about 6 years. I studied Fine Woodworking at Red Rocks Community College and am a member of the Furniture Society. I've restored houses and enjoy making furniture for conscientious home owners. My goal is to make pieces that will out-live me, and enhance your home. 

The Biz

Enterline Woodworks is a sole-proprietorship, and I make about a dozen pieces of furniture each year. I can be of great help matching cabinets or building countertops, but my favorites are dressers, tables and tops in an American Craftsman style. I work to improve my skill and make better pieces with every commission. If you have a small project and care about quality, please contact me.

I stand by my work

Good woodwork has intrinsic appeal and satisfaction. When done well, it looks, lasts, and adds value for a long time. I use proven methods and attend to process to get good results.

Contact Walt

Please e-mail or call the number below if you have a project in mind! Updates are commonly posted to my Enterline Woodworks page on Facebook.

Enterline Woodworks, Boulder CO


(303) 928-9813